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1.  How can I Post my Jobs to the OneDoorCloses.com Network of Job Sites?
We offer employers, recruiters and recruitment advertising agencies a monthly subscription with a specific number of job slots to post jobs to over 1800+ job boards and 40 Mobile Job Apps with 1 click.  In addition we offer the ability to post your single job postings to over 350+ Premium fee paid job boards and mobile job apps.

2.  What is a Job Slot?
A job slot equals the number of jobs you can have on the job boards and mobile job apps at any given time. If you have 3 job slots on our job boards and 3 job slots on our mobile job apps you can exchange them for different jobs at any time during the month.  If you need additional job slots you would need to upgrade to a different subscription.  Each subscription (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) includes a specific number of job slots on our job boards and a specific number of job slots on our mobile job apps.  We can create a custom subscription for you if your job posting needs exceed our subscription. You can also order our Premium single fee paid Job Postings on our Premium Job Sites as well as only post single jobs to our Mobile Job Apps.  

3.  How many Job Boards does OneDoorCloses.com distribute your jobs to?
We offer employers, recruiters and recruitment advertising agencies the ability to post their jobs to any/all of over 2000+ job boards. See our Monthly Subscription Job Boards. See our Premium Job Boards.

4.  Do I Pay extra Fees to Post on Each Job Board?
If you are a monthly subscriber NO you do not pay extra fees.  If you want to post to one or more of the Premium Job Boards you will pay a fee based on the cost on that Job Board or mobile job app.

5.  When does my Job Get Posted?
Your job will appear immediately on all job boards except Juju (those job boards take 24 hours to appear).

6.  How long do Updates take to Appear?
Updates usually appear immediately but may take up to 24 hours.

7.  What if I want my Job up Indefinitely?
For an evergreen job, as a monthly subscriber you can use of your job slots to keep your job up indefinitely

8.  Can I put my Email and Phone in the Job Posting?
YES you can.  You can also include a link in the job posting so that candidates reply on your web site.  This makes it easier for you to manage.

9.  Do you include any Veteran and Diversity Job Boards?
YES we offer HiringMilitary.com, HiringDiversity.com and even HiringGovernment.com.  There are no extra charges to post to these sites for monthly subscribers.

10.  Can I Send Job Candidates Directly or our Applicant Tracking System on our Web Site?
YES.  You can put a hyperlink in the job posting and candidates will click on your job posting and go directly to your web site to respond and apply for the job.

11.  Will you Post Jobs for our Company?
YES we will.  Please contact us at info@onedoorcloses.com









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